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Discovering Our History Vol. 1 Teacher's Edition

Discovering Our History Vol. 1 Teacher's Edition

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Discovering Our History Through the Lives of Jewish Women from Creation until the 2nd Beis Hamikdash. A one-year Jewish History curriculum focusing on the stories of the women in Tanach. Students will explore their own roles as they internalize the practical life lessons through a personal creative project.

Geared for middle school students.
Can easily be adapted for older classes and is perfect for substitutes or stand-alone lessons.

There are thirty 40-minute completely prepared comprehensive lessons covering the lives of 20 Jewish Women. 

With your purchase of the teacher's edition, you will be granted access to the resource folder with addition materials, including slideshows. 

Access is for one SCHOOL email and one teacher's email per teacher's edition.

Type the School (curriculum director or principal) email and the teacher's email who the resource file will be shared with. If you need more than one teacher's email with access please make sure to include it in the checkout notes.

*The student workbook PDF is available for purchase separately.*

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