Jewish Women

Inspiring stories and lessons for young Jewish women of the next generation.

Created for Bas Mitzvah, Pioneer, and CIT programs in Anash camps.

  • Camp Chave BMC

    I purchased the Jewish Women curriculum as a learning class in camp for a group of Bas Mitzvah girls. I’m so glad I did! The straightforward plans, creative projects and interesting lessons are sure to leave impressions on them that will last a lifetime.

    -S. Hodokov, Director

  • Camp Chave BMC

    "I used the curriculum to teach girls about Jewish Women throughout history and to show the importance and responsibility that girls have as they turn Bat Mitzvah and in the future being the ones who educate the next generation. It's so clear, very organized. It's filled with details, review pages and activities. Highly recommend!"
    -B. Dahan, Instructor