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At Judaic Resources, we strive to enhance your classroom experience by offering teaching tools and resources geared toward upper elementary and high school classes. Our goal is to make your teaching more engaging and enriching for your students.
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Meet Aviana Dahan

Creator of Judaic Resources & Script Central Production

Hi, I'm Aviana Dahan I've been teaching middle school and high school for over 5 years and both in the classroom and virtually.

I currently teach at Beth Rivkah Montreal, where I've also been involved in directing and consulting school productions, and at the Nigiri Jewish Online School, where I am involved in running the after-school learning division.

Having studied creative and dramatic, writing, acting, and filmmaking in school there is nothing I love more than to infuse creativity into my classroom and lessons.

I began my love for production in high school where I was the stage manager for two years and then wrote, cast, and directed my first production in 11th grade, and continued writing ever since.

I started Script Central Productions as a way for schools and playwrights to have one centralized space for Jewish Productions.

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