Discovering Our History

Through the Lives of Jewish Women

Discovering Our History is a Jewish History curriculum that explores the timeline of Jewish History focusing on the lives of Jewish women who lived in each period and emphasizing the practical lessons we can learn from them.

There are seven units from creation until the 2nd Beis Hamikdash where students will learn about their own role as they internalize the practical life lessons through a personal creative project.  Click here to download a sample lesson

  • Teacher's Edition

    20 fully prepared and comprehensive lessons broken into 30 40-minute classes about different Jewish women.

    Each lesson includes:

    • Timeline
    • Text-Based Learning 
    • Interactive discussions  
    • Focus on a Jewish woman
    • A practical lesson
    • Review questions
    • Workbook answer key
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  • Resources

    Everything is completely prepared so you can focus on teaching and keeping your students engaged in the learning.

    Additional Resources Include:

    • Slideshow presentations 
    • Printable timelines 
    • Activities for lessons
    • Project guides
    • Rubrics 
    • and more! 
  • Student Workbook

    Student Workbook

    Discussion Questions

    Chavrusa Learning

    Relatable Life Lessons

    Personal Connection

    Student-led Creative Project

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Student Projects

There is an optional project to go alongside the curriculum, where students have the chance to harness their creativity while learning Jewish History.

For each woman, students created a creative project of their choosing to create one final piece. Each project assessed their knowledge of the history, the Jewish woman's story, and how they internalized each lesson.

  • Paper Crafts

    B.R age 12

  • Letters from Jewish Women

    S. P age 12

  • Recipe Cards

    S.S age 11

  • Collages (with writing)

    L. K age 13

  • Drawings and Poetry

    B. Z age 10

  • 3D models with captions

    C. S age 13

Experience Jewish History

Through the lens of Jewish Women

  • What parents have to say

    Two of my daughters have had the opportunity to experience Discovering our History with Morah Aviana, and the learning journey was incredible!! She has created a study that highlights different time periods as well as the individuality and strengths of many Jewish women. It comes full circle when those lessons and inspiration are applied to the girls own lives in a way that is relatable. There was also room for my daughters to use their own creativity to express what they had learned through different mediums and projects that really helped to solidify the lessons. This curriculum is truly one of a kind!

    -Y. Perez, Parent

  • What schools have to say

    The Jewish Women curriculum is an incredible class! Whether you teach Bas Mitzvah girls, High School girls, or upper Elementary girls, your student will learn so much about our Jewish history & the special women that made an impact on it! So much information, all presented so well, with great projects to go along makes this curriculum a real incredible class to teach!

    C. Hertzel, Principal