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Dated Calendar from August 2024 - July 2025 with Hebrew and English dates, Chassidishe Yomim Tovim. Fully editable template. Yearly, weekly, daily planning, and so much more!

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Experience Jewish History through the lens of Jewish Women

Jewish History curriculum focuses on the stories of the women in Tanach.

Students will explore their own roles as they internalize the practical life lessons through a personal creative project.

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  • Jewish Women - Camp Shiur

    "We purchased the Jewish Women curriculum as a learning class in camp for a group of Bas Mitzvah girls. I’m so glad I did! The straightforward plans, creative projects and interesting lessons are sure to leave impressions on them that will last a lifetime."

    S. Hodokov, Director Camp Chave BMC

  • Discovering Our History

    "Two of my daughters have had the opportunity to experience the "Discovering Our History" curriculum the learning journey was incredible!! She has created a study that highlights different time periods as well as the individuality and strengths of many Jewish women. It comes full circle when those lessons and inspiration are applied to the girls own lives in a way that is relatable. There was also room for my daughters to use their own creativity to express what they had learned through different mediums and projects that really helped to solidify the lessons. This curriculum is truly one of a kind!"
    Parent at the Nigri Jewish Online School

  • Discovering Our History

    "The Jewish Women curriculum is an incredible class! Whether you teach Bas Mitzvah girls, High School girls, or upper Elementary girls, your student will learn so much about our Jewish history & the special women that made an impact on it! So much information, all presented so well, with great projects to go along makes this curriculum a real incredible class to teach!"

    C. Hertzel - Principal of the Nigiri Jewish Online School

  • Script Central Productions

    "Working with these scripts as an actor and drama head was truly an amazing experience that allowed me to delve deep into the history of Jewish women across different time periods. The scripts themselves were written in a way that captures the essence of each woman and it was written with such skill, and easy to envision on stage, making them relatable and memorable to everyone involved. One of the most rewarding aspects of this experience was the opportunity to pass on the message to the younger generation and each girl took on each role with such passion and put herself into the story."
    C. G, Student Beth Rivkah Montreal