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  • Lifecycle Services

    Lifecycle services are available to unaffiliated Jewish individuals so that they will not be excluded from Jewish communal life for lack of affiliation. It is our belief that all Jews should be actively involved in synagogue life, but we recognize that it is sometimes impossible due to financial or other reasons. Toward that end, we offer, with some provisos, our services.

    For couples that are contemplating marriage, we will be happy to provide pre-marital counseling and officiate at the ceremony. We do not officiate at interfaith services and require that all participants have Jewish mothers.
    However, we can recommend several Rabbis and Judges who will officiate an interfaith marriage.

    If the participants have had a Jewish marriage previously, a Get will be required. We are more than willing to travel to the site of the ceremony but travel expenses outside of a radius of fifty miles from Chicago will be required. For more information, please contact us.

    Baby Namings:
    We can recommend several very competent mohelim who will be willing to discuss their services with you. For girls we provide a warm and loving home ceremony with participation for parents and grandparents. We require that the mother be Jewish.

    End of Life Counseling:
    Often, people who have been diagnosed as "terminal" feel a need to discuss their concerns and fears with clergy. For those who are unaffiliated or who are intermarried, this can pose a difficult problem. We have had a great deal of experience in this field and stand ready to help you in this most difficult journey. We will meet with you in your home or hospital to provide you with caring and gentle support not only for the patient but for the family as well. We believe that no one need face this time alone.
    There are no fees associated with this service.

    We are available for funerals of Jewish individuals anywhere in the Chicago area. We believe that no Jew should be denied a Jewish burial wherever they wish to be buried. Although we would always prefer a Jewish cemetery, that is not a requirement for our services. We are prepared to recommend very competent and caring Jewish funeral homes but we will be willing to work with any chapel to fulfill your needs. We will insure that the non-Jewish chapel has the necessary information about Jewish customs and practices to provide the deceased and the family with a superior Jewish ceremony.

    We will assist you in preparing for the final tribute to your loved one by assisting you in the preparation of the words and dates needed for the headstone or plaque. We will provide a sensitive and loving dedication service at the cemetery of your choosing.

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