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    1. Biblical History of the Jewish People
      • Genesis through Deuteronomy
      • Joshua through Kings
      • Prophets
    2. Caring for your loved ones in this world and the world to come

    3. Coming to America: The story of the Jewish Immigration

    4. The Czech Torah Story: Saving the Holocaust Scrolls

    5. Holocaust-The climax of world anti-Semitism

    6. Israel- its background and beginnings

    7. Israel and the Palestinians: The realities of national struggle

    8. Jewish History: 150 BCE through 1800 CE

    9. The Jews of the Middle East

      • Yemenite Jewish customs
      • Persian Jews
      • Morocco
    10. The Jews of Spain
      • The Byzantine era
      • Spanish reconquest & the Jews
      • The Spanish Inquisition
      • The Sephardic people and their customs
    11. Judaic Sampler

    12. Judaism & Christianity
      A comparison of basic beliefs

    13. Overview of Jewish Music

    14. Overview of Judaism: Basic Judaism for non-Jews

    15. The Passover Experience: The Birth of Christianity

    16. The Rise of Modern Judaism
      • Post 2nd Temple religion
      • the synagogue
      • The prayer book
    17. Torah Torah,Torah: It's not a Japanese Battle Cry

    18. Understanding the Jewish Holidays

    A Biblical History of the Jewish People: Genesis through Deuteronomy

    Take a tour of the family called the Jewish People by an overview of the first five books of the Hebrew bible (Torah). Depending on the time allocated, this program will consist of a broad-brush look at three thousand years beginning with creation and ending with Moses at the shores of the Jordan River (approximately 2 ½ hours), or a deeper Torah study that can be used for a Scholar In Residence weekend. This program can be presented to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences and will give a basic understanding of the foundation on which Judaism is built and on the genetic connection that makes up the "Children Of Israel."
    A Biblical History of the Jewish People: Joshua through Kings
    Examine the conquest of The Promised Land and the beginnings of the Nation of Israel. Be with Joshua as he fulfills G-d's commands and attempts to cleanse The Land of idol worshippers. Study the lives of the Judges and walk with Samuel as he creates the first of the great kings of Israel. See the rise of the greatest of the Psalmists, King David and see his flaws as well. Witness Solomon as he builds the Holy Temple and watch the kingdom decline through civil war and poor leadership. This is a two to four hour program giving an overview of this important period.
    A Biblical History of the Jewish People: The Prophets
    See and study the Prophets within the context of not only biblical events but in the wider context of the greater world at that time. Understand the economic, political and sociological impact on the Jewish faith and gain insight into the reasons behind the preaching of the great prophets, the religious and social consciences of the Jewish people. This program can be tailored to concentrate on one prophet or many, depending on the time allocated. The prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel should be studied together in order to understand the times in which they lived and the messages they delivered.

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    Caring For Your Loved Ones, In This World and the World To Come
    This program examines the Jewish way of visiting the sick, comforting the dying and preparing for the death of a loved one. Jewish funeral practices, customs and mourning rituals are also explained. We will learn what to do and say as well as what not to do or say when visiting the sick, and how to be of aid and comfort. This program is 2 hours long.

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    Coming to America-The story of the Jewish Immigration
    This multi-media program examines the exodus from Eastern Europe beginning at the end of the nineteenth century through the first quarter of the twentieth century. Using Ellis Island as a central theme, we look at the reasons for the immigration, the means with which they left their homes and the cultural changes which they encountered as they traveled to the "Golden Land". This program can be either a one time 2 ½ hour session of two sessions of 2 hours each.

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    The Czech Torah Story

    This program examines the saving of the Czechoslovakian Holocaust scrolls and their restoration. For those congregations who are caretakers of a Czech scroll, the methods for researching their history are detailed. In addition, we learn the story of two towns and how their Jewish inhabitants fared under the Nazi reign of terror. Children ages nine and up will be moved by learning the fate of children their own age, but children under that age should be excluded due to the nature of this story. Approximately 2 hours.

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    Holocaust: The Climax of World Anti-Semitism
    This program examines the history of anti-Semitism from the end of biblical times to the present day and details it's culmination in the mid-twentieth century holocaust. This program also uses the history of the people in two Czechoslovakian towns during the Nazi occupation to demonstrate the story of the Holocaust as it directly affected the people. Due to the sometimes-graphic details of this program, children below the age of twelve should be excluded. This program runs approximately 3 hours.

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    Israel: It's Background and Beginnings
    This program details the modern day birth of the State of Israel from the mid-eighteen hundreds to the declaration of statehood in 1948 and the war of independence that followed. The knowledge gained from this program is the foundation for the next session, "Israel and Palestinians-The Realities of National Struggle". This program runs for 2 ½ hours

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    Israel and the Palestinians: The Realities of National Struggle
    This program examines the rise of the people who became known as "Palestinian", their origins and interaction with the State of Israel and her neighbors. During this session, we will look at their ongoing struggle between not only themselves and Israel but with the other Arab nations where they now live. We will examine the complex social, political, economic and religious issues, which form the basis for this conflict and the roadblocks that exist for future peaceful resolution. This program runs from 2 to 3 hours including question and answer time.

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    Jewish History: 150 BCE through 1800 CE
    This program covers the beginning of the Hasmonean dynasty, the Roman occupation and the Diaspora. We also examine the rise of Christianity and how it affected the Jewish people; the rise of Islam and its impact on Judaism and details the Jewish experience of the Spanish Inquisition. Examine the rise of Rabbinic Judaism, the creation of the Talmudic laws and the great scholars who arose during those times. See the formation of Hassidism and learn about the many individuals who claimed to be the Messiah. This can be a 2-3 hour overview or a complete Scholar In Residence weekend program.

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    The Jews of the Middle East: Yemen, Persia & Morocco
    This multi-media program examines the culture of these people, their traditions and music. We will look at the way they pray and see the preparations for a Yemenite wedding with its lavish and exotic trappings and customs. Approximately 2 hours in length.

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    The Jews of Spain
    This multi-media program looks at the Byzantine period and the life and contributions of the Jewish people under Moorish rule. We examine the Christian reclamation of Spain, the forced conversion of the Jews and their expulsion. We will get to know the "Sephardic" people and the influence of Spanish culture on their way of life. This program is approximately 2 ½ hours long.

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    Judaic Sampler
    This program for non-Jews, provides an overview of Judaism, it's various sects, terms and concepts. This is an introductory course, which will set the stage for further in-depth studies of Judaism. 2 hours

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    Judaism and Christianity, a comparison of basic beliefs
    This program examines what the Jewish people believe and how those beliefs compare to Christianity. The program compares views on "Original Sin", Heaven and Hell as well as the concept of Messiah. Designed for both Jewish and Christian audiences, this program compares but does not pretend to judge the various beliefs or structures of either faith. This is a 2-½ hour program.

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    Overview of Jewish Music
    Examine the broad spectrum of Jewish music, its development and history. Learn and hear how Jewish music was and is used in both religious and secular Jewish life. Hear the many and varied types of Jewish music from ancient to reformation to modern times. Approximately 2 ½ hours.

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    Overview of Judaism
    This program is a 2½-hour overview course on Basic Judaism for non-Jews. It details what Jews believe, their view of G-d, Heaven, life and dying. This course also gives an overview of the major Jewish holidays and festivals and their reasons, along with how they are celebrated. A more in-depth program can be designed to run for a longer period or be offered over several weeks of 2-hour sessions.

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    The Passover Experience: The Birth of Christianity
    Explore the reasons for and the deeper meanings of Passover. Learn about its importance to the Jewish people and how it is celebrated. Travel in time to ancient Israel at the time of the Roman occupation and learn about the connection between Passover and Jesus. Examine the political and social atmosphere of Israel at that time and why the people were looking for a Messiah. Learn more about Roman rule and what that meant to the people. This is a 2½-hour program.

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    The Rise of Modern Judaism and the Synagogue
    This program will examine Judaism from the destruction of the Second Temple to modern times. We will study the rise of Rabbinic Judaism, the writing of the Talmud and synagogue worship. We will see how the prayer book came into being and how Judaism was codified into the Orthodox form. This is a companion session to "Jewish History-150 BCE to 1800 CE" and is approximately 3 hours in length.

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    Torah, Torah, Torah: It's not a Japanese Battle Cry
    Curious about what is a Torah? Want to know how it is written? Want to know how a Torah fits in with the other books of the Hebrew Scriptures? Learn about these things and many more. Learn the traditions of handling the Torah and reading from it. Learn the penalty for dropping a Torah (you don't want to know!). Hear how a Torah portion is chanted. This program is approximately 2 hours in length.

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    Understanding the Jewish Holidays
    Learn about the origins and customs of the major holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur; study the major pilgrimage festivals of Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot; and the minor festivals such as Purim and Chanukah. Learn about the connection of some holidays to Christian holidays and how the pilgrims in America used their knowledge of Jewish festivals to create new American ones. Gain knowledge of the traditions and foods connected with each Jewish holiday. Answer the question: "What is the most important holiday in the Jewish calendar?" Approximately 2 hours long.

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    All fees are dependant upon length and distance from the Chicago area. Travel expenses will be included for all locations in excess of 100 miles from Chicago. For all information, rates and available dates, please feel free to call us weekdays between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Central Time. Lectures on subjects other than those listed can be arranged. We are also available for Scholar-in-Residence weekends. Ask for details!

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