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    -"Cantor Schultz ...
    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind, gentle guidance.
    You taught me more about Jewish faith and traditions in a few short conversations
    than I was able to learn in my many years of service (to the Jewish community).
    You and your lovely wife will be remembered as a blessing to me.
    Thanks for everything."
    -"Your love of Judaism shines thru your music.
    Thank you for sharing the light of G-d with me."

    -(The Daily Herald) "Cantor Arnold Schultz combines traditional values with modern attitudes. As a clergyman, he upholds ancient Jewish traditions... and as an educator, he goes to other churches in the area to teach Christians about Judaism... .He visits the Christian community... in an effort to promote understanding between the two faiths."

    -"Ryan and I want to thank you for the most beautiful wedding ceremony we have ever heard. Your voice is exquisite and your words went straight to our hearts. Now that we have the video, we find ourselves watching the ceremony over and over, and enjoying it more each time. We are so glad that you were able to perform our service."

    -"The service was incredible! Many of our friends really enjoyed experiencing some of the Jewish traditions for the first time. It really was a beautiful ceremony that neither one of us will ever forget. The words you said were truly touching and are definitely words to live by. Thank you for not only talking about the joys of marriage but also of its duties. It meant a lot to us to have you there, we thank you and we promise not to disappoint."

    Pastoral Care
    -"It is difficult to find words to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for everything you have done for our family... .You have touched us all, and our lives have been changed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

    -"Thank you so much for coming to the hospital yesterday, to speak with ___'s family. I had no idea where the events of that day would lead. You were there at a very critical time for the family. You have no idea how much your presence and your words helped. For the rest of the afternoon, 'remember what the cantor said' permeated the conversation. Your words had a very positive impact and gave them all something to hold on to."

    -"I want to sincerely thank you for helping make the last months of my father's life so meaningful. He felt truly blessed to have had his life touched by you."

    -"If someone had told me a few weeks ago that the day we buried my mom would be one of the most beautiful and uplifting days of my life, I would've eyed them as if they were crazy. But that is exactly how it all turned out. Thanks for helping to make it happen."

    -"Thank you for the beautiful Eulogy that you gave my father.
    You were a great comfort to me, and have helped me start my path to healing from the loss of my dad."

    -"I want to thank you for the deeply expressive eulogy....You mentioned each issue that needed to be addressed with honesty and compassion. Your words assuaged our guilt, provided some answers to our questions and touched our hearts."

    -"Our thanks go out to you for the beautiful service you held for our father/papa. I don't think I ever recall so many people going up to a family after a funeral with so many wonderful comments on how you truly "captured" that person. You touched so many people, and for that we are so grateful."
    -"I'm glad you were the one to give the eulogy for Jerry - it was warm and dignified and true and filled with love.... You gave us (especially in those two hours we spoke) such solace and comfort, and wise thoughts, and helped us to get thru that day a little better."
    -"Thank you for your understanding of a man you never met but spoke so beautifully about at his memorial. Leon would have liked you."
    -"I Simply wanted to thank you for the beautiful manner in which you told my mother's story -- more impressive because you never met her.
    With Gratitute"

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