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  • Kojetin

    • District Prerov

    • Land-register district Hojetin, lot number 303,777 site, Olomoucha Street

    • Historic monument residter number 8-451, not currently listed as a historical monument by the state.

    • Owner: Jewish Congregation of North Olmouc

    • Location 800 meters north of square.

    • Description: Independent site location on the outskirts of the town, on slightly ridged ground

    • Area: 5908 square meters

    • Age: Founded before the year 1574, the last burial was in 1942.

    • Included Structures: surrounding wall with gates, area with tombstones

    • Jewish settlement from the 15th century to the Second World War.

      In the town register of purchases from the year 1574, there is a record that Jan Suchanek sold part of his meadow on the so-called Krizice to the Jews of Kojetin. "To their burial and cemetery", probably for the expansion of their then -burial site. The eastern part of the cemetery was named after the local "track" Peklo ("Hell"). The cemetery itself lies on a knoll near the fish-pond Jordan (the whole area slants slightly towards north-east, on the south-east edge of the area ends a sort, steep slope). The shape of the lot is an irregular rectangle. In the south-west wall there is a new additionally built gate with a medal-clad door and the remnants of a well. The surrounding wall is made of brick on a stone foundation reinforced by 2 meter high pillars and topped with flat-laid bricks slanting inwards. The wall is missing in part of the south-east section. There are some architectual decorations on the front of the wall that separates the cemetery from the street. The wall is "stepped" corresponding to the slope of the terrain (see photograph above).

      In the western corner of the cemetery there used to be an art-nouveau ceremonial hall from 1901 designed by a Vienna architect Wilhelm Stiassny. It was a free-standing one-storey structure on a symmetric ground plan with a mansard roof and wooden windows and doors. It was demolished in the beginning of the 1970s and only traces of masonry are left.

      The tombstones are distributed evenly over the area of the cemetery except for its central part. The front section contains tombstones in about 25 straight, discontinuous rows. In the rear section there are individually dispersed tombstones near walls. The rows of tombstones run from north-west to south-east with inscriptions facing the entrance which is south-west. They total approximately 500 pieces, the oldest ones date from 1782 and 1795. The new tombstones are dispersed among the old ones.

      The tombstones of the older type are made mainly of sandstone, granite, limestone and marble., their design, shape and decorations are rather simple and typical of Moravian cemerteries. The inscriptions are in Hebrew and the symbols include: Kohen's hands, Levite vessels, a ring pierced by an arrow, urovorus, (snake biting its tail) crown, two deer with antlers, harp, and clasped hands. The newer tombstones are of dark and light granite, with somber decoration, the inscriptions are in German and Czech.

      Notable local people buried here include: Rabbi Jakob ben Michael Brull (1812-89), the parents of Rabbi David Kaufmann (Leopold and Rosa) and Moric Lowenthal (from 1835) the long-time chairman of the Jewish congregation and philanthropist. Trees and shrubs freely grow in the area - arbor vitae, linden, spruce, birch, maples, and hazelnuts. The cemetery has a strong tendence to be overgrown by "air-raid" plants (those from which the seeds are borne on the wind).

    • Location plan: 1:1000 Photos: former ceremonial hall and entrance,

    • Bibliography and references: D. Riegl; Dejiny Zidvske obce v Kojetine, (History of the Jewish congregation and the Jews of Kojetin) supplement of the calendar of cultural events of Kojetin 1995-6.

      Translated from Jewish Monuments of Moravia and Silesia - Part 1, Cemeteries Klenovsky, jaroslav, Brno:1999

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